Roger's Properties

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3863 Oakwood Dr., Longmont, CO CO

6920 S. Broadway, Arvada, CO CO

7216 Mount Meeker Rd., Longmont, CO

3875 Northbrook Dr., Boulder, CO

40420 Boulder Canyon Dr., Boulder, CO

700 Aurora Ave., Boulder, CO

7363 Mount Sherman Rd., Longmont, CO

40428 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, CO

6420 Outrigger Ct., Boulder, CO

910 Santa Fe Ave. #202, Denver, CO

3532 Smuggler Way., Boulder, CO

6234 Olde Stage Rd., Boulder, CO

520 Pleasant St., Boulder, CO

656 Pleasant St., Boulder, CO

1832 Lochmore Dr., Longmont, CO

13426 W 60th Pl., Arvada, CO

2379 Hickory Pl., Erie, CO

2413 Sherri Mar, Longmont, CO

2610 15 Ave, Longmont, CO

680 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder, CO

696 Locust Ave., Boulder, CO

2724 Ironwood Place, Erie, CO

6048 Gunbarrel Dr., Unit G, Boulder, CO

2610 Regis Dr., Boulder, CO

4448 Nicklaus Ct., Boulder, CO


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